Zoomlion Heavy Industry: Tower, All-Terrain & Truck Crane Manufacturers

photo showing Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd

In 1992 Zoomlion got its start as a state-owned company in China. It was established for the purpose of designing and building heavy construction equipment including concrete mixers, fire fighting equipment, and earth movers. As the company grew and acquired more assets in China they eventually worked their way into mobile cranes.

In the last few years Zoomlion has been acquiring companies outside of China including one in Italy and another in the UK. They are breaking new ground for future Chinese companies seeking to emerge from state control and ownership. If for no other reason it's great to see Zoomlion enjoying commercial success.

Zoomlion Crane Categories

Zoomlion is most well known for its concrete, earth moving, and excavation equipment. Their crane division manufactures products in four different categories:

  • Truck Cranes - Zoomlion has a separate category for light duty truck cranes, designating them as "special vehicles." Their truck crane category covers only their heavy-duty truck cranes designed for serious work. Most of their cranes in this category are telescoping boom cranes built on custom chassis.
  • All-Terrain Cranes - The all-terrain category also consists of heavy-duty pieces built on larger and heavier frames capable of navigating moderately severe terrain. These are the types of cranes used in rural environments and outside the cities where roads can be a challenge.
  • Crawler Cranes - The crawler cranes from Zoomlion are very similar to crawlers from other companies. They are the strongest and toughest of the mobile cranes usually designed with lattice booms for extra length and lifting capacity. To track systems allow them to get around job sites with ease.
  • Tower Cranes - You can probably tell what tower cranes are just by their name. These are the heavy-duty construction monsters used for projects that require extra height and lifting capacity. Tower cranes are sometimes mounted on the ground, on tops of buildings, or a specially-built platform that will scale up as needed.

Popular Zoomlion Cranes

The Zoomlion QY150V633 is the largest piece in the truck crane category, boasting a six-axle chassis and a 150 metric ton lift capacity. The telescoping boom reaches a maximum height of 60m while the jib adds an additional 18m. Zoomlion was sure to design this crane to be as compact as possible for easy manoeuvrability. Nonetheless, you won't normally see it on tight city streets if a smaller crane can be used.

In the crawler category the QUY 200 is Zoomlion's mid-range product. It features a multi-piece lattice boom, a dual-winch derrick system, electro-hydraulic proportional control, and self-assembly capabilities. The main boom towers up to 83m with a total capacity of 200 metric tons. A fixed jib adds an additional 30m in length.

Zoomlion's Tower Crane category includes 15 models of various heights and load capacities. Due to the similarity we won't get into specific towers here, except to say that they are seen all over China as the industrial construction crane of choice. Zoomlion Tower cranes are as tough as they come while featuring the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Recent News Featuring Zoomlion Cranes

Despite the company's success over the last few years financial experts are looking at a slowdown in the short term. Zoomlion sales fell 7% through the first 10 months of 2012 largely due to a slowdown in China's infrastructure investment. But the company continues to forge ahead with plans for bigger and better.

They are currently manufacturing the world's largest tower crane with completion expected early next year. The crane will be capable of lifting 240 tons to a height of 210m. When complete it will be delivered to the China Railway Bridge Bureau Group and will be used to help construct the Ma'anshan Yangtze River Bridge.

Since the company's inception Zoomlion has been very visible in China's infrastructure projects. But they've also helped in other areas including the 2008 earthquake that devastated Sichuan Province. For example, Zoomlion cranes were on hand to help clear the rubble at Beichuan Middle School, saving the lives of 21 students and teachers.

It's no coincidence Zoomlion is the second-largest manufacturing company in China. As they continue to put out excellent equipment they should continue to grow.

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