Zhejiang De-Ying: Tower, Topless & Luffing Crane Manufacturers

photo showing Zhejiang De-Ying

In China there are only a handful of companies engaged in the manufacture of heavy construction equipment. Few of them have enjoyed the same international success as Xuzhou Heavy Machinery, and in fact, most of them are regional companies attempting to expand outside the Chinese mainland. Zhejiang De-Ying Architectural Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (De-Ying) Is one such company.

De-Ying concentrates most of their business efforts on developing and manufacturing several different types of tower cranes. But they also manufacture stacking machines and concrete equipment. In the last few years they have drastically increased their exports to include customers in most parts of Asia, the Middle East, and a few Central and South American countries. A few De-Ying cranes have even made it to the U.S.

Though they don't manufacture mobile cranes in the truest sense of the definition, their tower cranes are not meant to be permanent by any stretch. They are moved from one job site to the next using flat bed trailers and trucks.

De-Ying Crane Categories

In a broad sense all De-Ying cranes are tower cranes. Their various models differ in terms of height, load capacity, and footprint, but they are all built on towers mounted either to the tops of buildings or concrete pads on the ground. For their purposes De-Ying divides their cranes into three categories:

  • Tower Cranes - De-Ying's tower cranes are what we would normally expect. They are the tallest and most robust of De-Ying's products, consisting of a pivoting boom and counterweight sitting on top of a tall tower. There is an additional tower above the boom with cabling to provide extra support.
  • Topless Cranes - The company’s topless cranes are similar to the tower cranes except that there's no additional tower and hence, no additional cabling for support. The advantage of a topless is that it can work in spaces where overhead clearance is a problem. On the downside, its load capacity is less than a comparable tower.
  • Luffing Cranes - The luffing crane is best described as a hybrid tower and mobile lattice boom crane. If you look at a luffing crane from the ground it looks as though someone took a lattice crawler, removed the transportation system, and stuck it atop a tower. The main advantage of the luffing crane is that it gives maximum lifting power with a shorter boom.

Popular De-Ying Cranes

The smallest of the De-Ying Tower cranes is the 6-ton TC5013. It is one of the more popular tower cranes being used in India right now because it's compact size makes it just right for residential construction were heavy lifting capacity is not necessarily needed. The TC5013 goes up very quickly to boot. Maximum tower height is 40m while boom length comes in at 50m.

De-Ying's topless category consists of six different cranes, of which the TCP7029 is the mid-range product. This crane doesn't look like much from the ground but it's fairly impressive when you put it to work. From base to top it measures 69.2m high. The 70m boom and jib can handle up to 12 tons.

Moving on to the luffing crane category the big boy of this group is the TCD260. This is a 16-ton crane that stands 49.2m high and offers a total lift height of 124m.

Recent News Featuring De-Ying Cranes

Two De-Ying towers are now working hard in India to help construct a power station. The construction company responsible for the project chose the TC7030 and TC5015 models for their cost efficiency and productivity. So far the project manager is very pleased with their performance.

Back at home De-Ying was heavily involved in the construction of one of China's theatrical crown jewels, the Hangzhou Grand Theatre. This theatre is China's second largest and consists of a 1,600 seat opera house, 600 seat concert hall, and a 400 seat open-air stage. The theatre's unique architecture made building it quite a challenge. The luffing and tower cranes provided by De-Ying met the challenge admirably.

With more than 20 years experience building tower cranes in China, De-Ying is competing on a number of different markets. There's no reason to believe the company won't continue to expand and grow in the years to come.

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