XCMG Crane Manufacturers: Truck & Crawler Cranes

photo showing Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co. Ltd

In China, few companies are as well-known and influential as Xuzhou Construction Machinery Company (Xuzhou). The company is part of the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, the world's 10th largest manufacturer of heavy machinery for construction. In China the company is the third-largest among all enterprises.

Xuzhou is a state-owned company originally founded in 1989 for the purpose of building construction equipment for China's infrastructure projects. They entered a joint venture with Caterpillar in 1995 to build a huge excavator plant in Xuzhou, China. They also partnered with Germany's Liebherr Group by signing a deal to manufacture three of the company’s all-terrain cranes.

Since that time Xuzhou has continued to grow through their own products and partnerships with other companies. In 2011 the agreed to a deal with the Venezuelan government to begin manufacturing cranes there, while at the same time implementing plans for a new manufacturing plant in Germany.

Xuzhou Crane Categories

As previously mentioned, Xuzhou make more than just cranes. However, their cranes do have a fine reputation around the world as rugged pieces of equipment more than capable of getting the job done. Xuzhou manufactures cranes in the following categories:

  • Truck Cranes - Xuzhou's truck cranes are built both as standard city equipment and all-terrain cranes meant for heavy lifting in suburban or rural environments. These are the most popular cranes for building construction, heavy industrial applications, and utility work.
  • Crawler Cranes - Like most other crane manufacturers, Xuzhou designs and builds their crawler cranes to be used in places where truck cranes are not practical. By design crawlers can work in rough terrain, handle heavier loads, and pick and carry when necessary.
  • Truck-Mounted Cranes - Truck-mounted cranes are different from standard truck cranes in both design and application. These cranes are designed for light duty work. As such they are mounted on a standard commercial truck chassis rather than a specially designed carrier. Truck-mounted cranes typically work only in areas directly accessible by paved roads.

Xuzhou does not manufacture any tower cranes or stationary overhead cranes. They focus squarely on the mobile market, offering a number of solutions in each of their crane categories.

Most Popular Xuzhou Cranes

The XGMC 15000 is a crawler crane used fairly extensively in China for large-scale construction projects primarily in the energy sector. Their heavy lifting capacity and ability to handle all types of terrain make them ideal for building nuclear power plants, coal plants, and metallurgy facilities. It is one of the cranes the company routinely enters in international crane competitions.

Xuzhou's QAY 1200 is the monster of their all-terrain fleet. This nine-axle beast offers an 8-section telescoping boom, both 4-section and 8-section jib options, and the possibility of mounting a tower boom on the bed. This is one of the most flexible all-terrain cranes offered by Xuzhou.

For light duty city lifting the QY16B.5 is a good choice. This is a three axle crane that is easily driven over the road and quick to set up once on the job site. Common uses for the QY16B.5 would include residential construction and public road projects.

Recent Projects Featuring Xuzhou Cranes

Xuzhou cranes are a normal fixture at most Chinese energy production jobs including the Sinochem Quanzhou Huian refinery. In August a XCMG 2000 crawler crane was used in conjunction with Liebherr 750 crawler to lift and place a 740-ton oil reactor. The job was a little tricky due to the winds, intense summer heat, and a variety of environmental conditions, but both cranes functioned admirably.

An XCMG 2000-ton crawler was also used to help at a petrochemical oil plant in Guangdong province. This project was especially urgent given the state of the petrochemical industry in China. State-owned No. 10 Construction Company used the Xuzhou crawler for the delicate job of lifting a 958-ton hydrocracking reactor into place. The sheer size of the reactor was enough to worry about, but operators also had very little room for error. Once again the XCMG 2000 performed flawlessly.

Xuzhou's full line of heavy construction equipment sets the bar in China. Their equipment is exported all over the world primarily to be used in manufacturing, energy, and road and bridge construction.

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