Soilmec Crawler Mounted Crane Manufacturers

photo showing Soilmec S.p.A

In 1969 entrepreneur Davide Trevisani as Pali Trevisani founded Soilmec S.p.A. to manufacture heavy construction equipment primarily for the road and bridge sector. His first machines were pile drivers and drilling rigs used on infrastructure projects throughout Italy.

Over the last four decades the company has greatly expanded its product line and its international footprint. Soilmec reaches 45 countries when you include distributors and industry partners, with direct operations in 20 countries. They added crawler cranes to their product list some years ago to further expand their reach.

Moving into crawler cranes was fairly easy from manufacturing standpoint once the company began a move away from its "on demand" manufacturing process toward a more "mass production" model. Their crawler cranes are built on the same crawler technology they've used for their other lines of equipment.

Soilmec Crane Categories

Soilmec only has one kind of crane: the crawler. What's more important are the attachments that can be used with these cranes; attachments that make them very versatile. Each of their six models can be fitted with pile driving rigs, extractors, vibrators, hydro mills, drilling tools, etc.

The design of Soilmec equipment means a construction company could buy a crawler crane and the additional attachments capable of doing all sorts of tasks, thereby reducing the need for duplicate equipment. It's the perfect scenario for small construction company without the budgetary means to buy multiple cranes.

Popular Soilmec Cranes

The SC series designates the crawler cranes from Soilmec. There are six models beginning with the 21-ton SC-20. The 21m boom is a lattice-style boom designed specifically for fast and easy set-up. Its smaller profile also makes it easier to transport on the back of a flat bed trailer.

Next in line is the SC-40, the 40-ton crane with a 30m boom. Like his little brother the SC-40 also has a compact design and a multi-piece lattice boom that can be assembled very quickly. Both this crane and the SCE-20 are favourites for road construction projects featuring small bridges.

The SCE-65 is the first of the companies to medium-duty cranes. It has a lift capacity of 65 tons and a boom length of about 51m. The SC-65 marks a milestone for Soilmec as it’s their first crane to feature an electro-hydraulic proportional control system. This control system maximizes performance by controlling synchronous movements. The crane also boasts Soilmec's new cab which was designed with operator comfort in mind.

The SCE-70 is the second of the two medium-duty cranes. It has the same 51m boom as the SC-65, but a greater lifting capacity at 70 tons. It's a good choice for drilling operations with the proper attachments.

Soilmec's to heavy duty cranes are the SC-100 and SC-120. The SC-100 sports a 42m boom and a 100-ton lifting capacity, while the 120 offers a 54m boom and 120 tons of lift capacity. These two cranes are the ones most likely to be used for the biggest jobs.

Recent News Featuring Soilmec Cranes

Soilmec equipment is being used all over the world on a variety of infrastructure projects. On the border between Italy and Switzerland the company's drillers and crawlers are actively involved in building a new rail line between the two countries. The drilling operations are especially helpful because they are speeding up excavation.

Across the Atlantic Soilmec cranes are involved in shoring up a dam in the American state of Kentucky. According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers the foundation reconstruction project is the biggest such project of its kind undertaken by the Corps. Several Soilmec cranes are on the job assisting in slurry operations, drilling, and materials handling.

The strength of Soilmec S.p.A. is clearly the versatility they build into all of their machines. The two examples cited above clearly demonstrate as much with each machine performing multiple tasks on the job site. On any given day an SC-65 can be fitted with drilling equipment, on the following day the cable and hook are used to move concrete pilings.

Soilmec has found a comfortable place for his business to reside, even among stiff competition. If the last 40 years is evidence, the company should have no trouble continuing to expand and further its market share.

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