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Sennebogen is a family owned business started in 1952 in Bavaria, Germany. Its primary focus back then was agricultural machinery, given the fact that Germany's economy still relied so heavily on that sector. But as post-war building efforts opened the door for heavy equipment, Sennebogen began venturing into new products.

The company's first crane was also the world's first fully hydraulic excavator introduced in 1969. From there Sennebogen developed a small number of heavy-duty construction cranes which could be used for lifting or any other purpose for which an owner had the appropriate tool attachment.

In 1993 their crane business really took off with the introduction of their first telescoping model. Right away Sennebogen developed both a wheel and track-based transport system in order to deliver both truck-mounted cranes and crawlers. It was the turning point of their crane business. Today Sennebogen cranes are looked on as some of the most innovative in the industry.

Sennebogen Crane Categories

Sennebogen cranes are manufactured under six different categories:

  • Truck Cranes - This is the smallest category for Sennebogen. In fact, they only have one model in this category. The HPC 40 is a small 40-ton city crane with a lot of power in a compact package. Though it sits on a four-axle carrier, the entire package is pretty compact. It's very easy to manoeuvre down city streets or in tight places.
  • Telescopic Cranes - The telescopic cranes represent the largest category in the Sennebogen fleet. Some of these cranes are mounted on wheel driven carriers while others are on tracks. These mid-range cranes are the types of machinery used for road repairs, bridge installations, utility work, and light industrial construction.
  • Crawler Cranes -. Crawlers are the big boys in the Sennebogen line-up. At this time there are five models to choose from, all with impressive lift capacities and lift heights. Best of all, crawler cranes give you the stability you need even in an environments that aren't completely flat. They are a "go anywhere" Crane option.
  • Harbour Mobile Cranes - Innovation is a big part of Sennebogen's corporate philosophy and it shows in their harbour mobile cranes. With this line of cranes the company has developed unique pieces of equipment that can easily move around shipping yards while adjusting to the different conditions of the environment. You really have to see one of these cranes to believe it.

Popular Sennebogen Cranes

Sennebogen 6210 HMC Harbour Mobile Crane

Sennebogen 6210(HMC) Harbour Mobile Crane

The biggest of Sennebogen's harbour mobile cranes is the 6210-HMC. This 125-ton lifter is strong enough to pick up cargo and move it around the yard with ease. Despite having a 54m boom, its track system makes it exceptionally stable. The 6210HMC is a workhorse for moving things around a yard.

Sennebogen 643 Mobile Telescopic Crane

Sennebogen 643 Mobile Telescopic Crane

For urban construction projects the 643 Mobile is one of the better used telescopic cranes from Sennebogen. It's built on a custom designed two-axle carrier providing excellent manoeuvrability even in tight conditions. But it also provides 40s ton of lifting capacity and 43m of height. It's the perfect crane for working on that office building down town.

Sennebogen 7700 Mobile Crawler Crane

Sennebogen 7700 Mobile Crawler Crane

The most impressive crane from Sennebogen has to be its 300-ton 7700 crawler. With its lattice boom superstructure and jib extension this monster crawler can reach heights of more than 166m. Just seeing this Crane in action is enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Recent News Featuring SennebogenCranes

In Turkey, the steel industry is vitally important to the economy. Equally important is being able to efficiently handle scrap metal and get finished products ready to be put on cargo ships in port. One of Turkey's largest steel companies uses the Sennebogen 6200HC for both of those tasks. What's most impressive about this crane is the fact that the entire platform can be lifted several meters in the air where it remains safe despite no outrigger system.

In Algeria, Sennebogen is helping out on a number of infrastructure projects. This past April a 2200-series crawler was used to lift bridge components into place on a project in Algiers. All over the country both private and government enterprises working on the nation's roads and bridges trust Sennebogen cranes to get the job done. You should too.

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