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Lampson International started out as a drayage company in 1946, when it was established by entrepreneur Neil F. Lampson. The primary objective of the original company was to create a fleet of heavy lifting equipment capable of transporting high tonnage cargo across long distances. What put them on the international map was the introduction of the Lampson crawler in the 1970s.

Today their crawlers are responsible for moving the heaviest loads cross-country using a track system rather than traditional rubberised wheels. The same technology that's gone into developing their world- class drayage equipment is also responsible for building the world's largest mobile crane, the Lampson Transi-Lift LTL-2600

Lampson Crane Categories

Lampson manufactures only two types of cranes: standard crawler cranes and their trademark Transi-Lift cranes. But more impressive than the cranes themselves are the transport systems the company designs for them. The revolutionary concepts used to create the transport systems make Lampson cranes versatile, very manoeuvrable, and able to move while under full load.

  • Crawler Cranes - The crawler cranes produced by Lampson are very similar in concept to the crawlers made by most other manufacturers. They're designed for heavy-duty work in areas that are difficult to access and where terrain can be a little bit rough. The advantage of a crawler crane is the fact that it can move a load around the job site while still remaining stable.
  • Transi-Lift Cranes - Transi-Lift cranes are a Lampson speciality. They are the world's highest capacity mobile cranes built to do the toughest work imaginable. They're often used to build sports stadiums, build and upgrade power plants, do heavy shoreline lifting, and so on. Again, their transport systems are what really make them stand out.

Most Popular Lampson Cranes

Lampson Transi Lift LTL 2600 crane

Lampson Transi Lift LTL 2600 Crane

Easily the most popular crane from Lampson is the Transi-Lift LTL-2600. It has the distinction of being the world's largest mobile crane with a heavy lifting capacity of 2,600 US tons. It is fully mobile while under load, comes with two fully-mobile and independently powered crawlers, and a unique counterweight system that is installed and filled right on the job site. Best of all the LTL-2600 can be disassembled and transported on two standard trucks.

Lampson Transi Lift LTL 1100 crane

Lampson Transi Lift LTL 1100 Crane

The other popular Transi-Lift crane in the Lampson stable is the LTL-1100. This is a smaller version of the 2600, with a similar counterweight system and two independent crawlers. Its weight capacity is less than half, at 1,100 US tons, and the distance of the main boom is 400 feet. An additional 200 feet can be added with an optional jib.

For Lampson's traditional crawler crane line the company chose to do something slightly different. Rather than manufacture the lifting systems themselves, they utilize systems provided by other manufacturers. The biggest supplier is Manitowoc. Lampson's part is to build the transport system -- i.e., the crawler -- underneath. Lampson crawler cranes are used extensively for both commercial and residential construction, windmill construction, and more.

Recent Projects Featuring Lampson Cranes

In 2011 the LTL-2600 was put to the test by computer chip manufacturer Intel, in helping to build their new D1X plant in Hillsboro, Oregon. According to reports Intel paid approximately $5 million to rent the crane, though for how long no one has said. When the project is complete sometime in 2013 Intel's main plant and supporting structure will be nearly 8 times the size of the biggest retail department store in the country.

Lampson is also active right now in China, thanks to aggressive nuclear power project in the Middle Kingdom. The company began building an LTL-2600B in 2010, and then dismantled it in February 2011 for shipping to China. It is now currently engaged in constructing four Westinghouse nuclear power plants in Hunan province. The Chinese government chose the LTL-2600B for its lift capacity, high efficiency, and impressive turning radius. Once the Hunan project is complete its expected the company in charge of power plant construction will dismantle it and move it to other sites as needed.

Lampson doesn't make a long list of mobile cranes, but what they do make is very good. The combination of their crawler and drayage technology, along with reliable and credible cranes, makes the company a force to be reckoned with.

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