IHI Construction: Telescoping & Lapping Boom Crane Manufacturers

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IHI Construction Machinery got its start in 1952 with a capital partnership between Japan's Ishikawajima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. and America's Koehring. Though the American company pulled out of the partnership in 1975, their 23 years of partnership established IHI as a leading crawler crane designer and manufacturer.

The company's first large international project was the delivery of 150 truck-mounted cranes to the Philippines for use by that country's Bureau of Public Highways in 1968. They followed up that order with a continual series of global deliveries to Indonesia, Europe, and the Americas.

Today the company employs 275 people at its Yokohama headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Their annual revenues exceed 1.75 billion yen, thanks in part to dozens of distributors in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

IHICrane Categories

Despite all of the different types of equipment IHI manufactures, their cranes only come built on crawler carriers. For easier designation the company breaks them down into three subcategories:

  • Lattice Boom Cranes - The lattice boom crane is the type of crawler we most often think of. It features a heavy-duty boom with a high lift capacity, mounted on a track-based carrier. The lattice boom gets its name from the fact that the lifter resembles the lattice work you might find on decorative outdoor elements.
  • Luffing Cranes - A luffing crane is similar to a lattice boom crane except that an additional luffing jib is added. The luffing jib adds extra height and lifting power, as well as some extra horizontal reach for jobs where the carrier system can't get close enough to the structure.
  • Telescoping Boom Cranes - Crawlers with telescoping booms are quickly becoming the favourites where extreme height and luffing capability is not needed. Telescoping booms offer more lifting capacity per square meter in a structure considered significantly more stable. Yet the biggest advantage of telescoping cranes is their comparatively fast set-up and tear down time.

Popular IHI Cranes

cch 700 luffing crane

CCH700 Luffing Crane

The CCH700 is one of four cranes in IHI's luffing crane category. The CCH700 is sometimes referred to as a mobile tower because of its incredible 63m reach. The lattice boom itself is 54m; the jib adds the rest. With a 25-ton counterweight the superstructure is capable of lifting 70 tons.

cch 2500 lattice boom crane

CCH2500 Lattice Boom Crane

A favourite in the lattice boom category is the CCH2500. Its total lift height with the main boom and jib together is 109m. Its maximum lift capacity is 250 tons. The CCH2500 is a great crane for infrastructure projects, power plant construction, and heavy-duty manufacturing construction.

IHI only manufactures two cranes in the telescoping boom category, the smaller of which is known as the CCH550T. It features a four-piece hydraulic boom with the highest reach in his class at 34m. At the same time its small frame means it can work in limited spaces were other cranes aren't welcome. The CH550T has a maximum lift capacity of 55 tons.

Recent News Featuring IHI Cranes

In Wales, IHI is playing an important role in the revitalization and redevelopment efforts at Colwyn Bay. Since the project began in spring 2011 an IHI CCH2000 has been on-site moving rocks and lifting wall sections into place. Once the erosion improvements are finished a series of new buildings will be erected.

Officials in Stroud, Gloucestershire were in need of a IHI crane this past April to help with their flood mitigation efforts. A 50-ton CCH500 was used to drive pilings and install concrete retainer walls. The CCH500 is a popular crane in the UK for pile driving. It's able to go where wheeled cranes can't, while its stable track system is able to handle the piling equipment with ease.

As for jobs that require a little more height, IHI is pretty capable there as well. This past March the CCH700 was used to help construct a new control car at the Birmingham airport. A 39m boom with a 12m jib was perfect for lifting 4-ton concrete skips into place.

Though IHI concentrates solely on the crawler crane category, they do it very well. IHI cranes are used all over the world by both small and large construction companies alike. Their cranes are frequent fixtures on infrastructure projects, waterfront projects, and tall building construction.

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