Hitachi Sumitomo H.I.C.C Co Ltd: Crawler Crane Manufacturers

photo showing Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co. Ltd

Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd. (Hitachi-Sumitomo) Is a Japanese manufacturer of heavy construction equipment. The company was established in 2002 when Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. merged with Sumitomo Heavy Construction Crane Co.

The two merged companies brought a combined experience of more than 100 years manufacturing construction equipment. In terms of cranes, Hitachi now builds most of the smaller units while Sumitomo handles the big stuff. The company's headquarters are located in Tokyo.

Hitachi-Sumitomo exports primarily throughout Egypt, the Middle East, and Europe. And because they focus primarily on crawler cranes they don't promote their towers and truck cranes very heavily. This can be clearly seen on the company website where they've chosen to list their towers and trucks under the "old cranes" heading.

Hitachi-Sumitomo Crane Categories

Separately, Hitachi and Sumitomo previously made dozens of different models in several categories. Most of their new builds concentrate on the crawler crane category, though the company does still feel orders on most of their older models. Hitachi-Sumitomo organizes their cranes in the following categories:

  • Crawler Cranes - Hitachi-Sumitomo manufactures 17 lattice boom crawlers and one telescoping boom model. They are specifically designed to be a versatile and usable on anything from road construction to pick and carry. Their track systems are built to go just about anywhere as well.
  • Truck Cranes - As with most manufacturers, Hitachi-Sumitomo's truck cranes are mounted on a wheel driven transport system capable of being operated on public roads and some off-road settings. Hitachi-Sumitomo doesn't offer any heavyweights in this category; their biggest has a 50-ton lift capacity.
  • Tower Cranes - Hitachi-Sumitomo makes both straight tower cranes and luffing cranes ranging from 25 tons to 70 tons. Their offerings in this category are limited to just a few models.

Popular Hitachi-Sumitomo Cranes

scx 400 level entry crane

SCX 400 40 tonne Level Entry Crane

The smallest crane in the Hitachi-Sumitomo's stable is the SCX-400. It is a 40-ton crawler that gives surprising performance compared to its diminutive size. The 46m boom has a 3.7m swing radius and a dual-winch hoist system capable of a maximum speed of 60 m/min. The SCX-400 is a good entry-level crane for the new construction company. It's also great for pick-and-carry work in shipping yards, rail yards, and industrial environments.

Alongside the SCX-400 is its telescoping boom brother, the SCX-400T. The two are nearly identical in terms of the carriage and operator cab; only the superstructures are different. Where the former utilizes a lattice boom the 400T is equipped with a four-section telescoping boom. The advantage of the 400T is its quicker set-up time.

Hitachi Sumitomo ST-400 40 tonne crane

ST 400 40 Tonne Crane

In the truck crane category the ST-400 is Hitachi-Sumitomo's 40-ton entry. It utilizes a Nissan frame and engine with a seven-speed transmission, a separate all-steel operators cab, and a four-post outrigger system. The boom length ranges from 9.5 m to 51.5 m. As a Hitachi-Sumitomo's mid-range truck model the ST-400 is used frequently for infrastructure projects in need of cranes with excellent mobility.

Hitachi Sumitomo SCX-2800 crawler crane

SCX 2800 Crawler Crane

Lastly, the SCX-2800 is a 280-ton workhorse built on a reliable track system. It is not the biggest crawler in the fleet, but it is one of the more popular Hitachi-Sumitomo cranes offering very good lifting capacity with a smaller, more manoeuvrable footprint. The SCX-2800 is a lattice boom crane with a maximum length of 91.4m.

Recent News Featuring Hitachi-Sumitomo Cranes

In December 2010 the operators of Australia's largest (by annual tonnage) port undertook a massive expansion with a completion date of early 2013. Since construction began there have been a number of Hitachi-Sumitomo cranes helping out. An SCX-2500, LS 248, and SC1500-2 were recently observed working on barges to help hoist new docks into place. Additional Hitachi-Sumitomo cranes are busily working on shore.

Meanwhile, after last year's devastating earthquake in northern Japan Hitachi-Sumitomo cranes were also on the scene there helping to clear out the rubble and rebuild. The company's crawlers were ideal for moving around without having to worry about things that could potentially puncture tires or create instability. Even as the rebuilding efforts continue today Hitachi-Sumitomo cranes are part of the nationwide effort.

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