Cargotec Truck Mounted, Overhead Port & Yard Crane Manufacturers

photo showing Cargotec

As a single entity, Cargotec was formed in 2005 following the split of Kone Corporation. Kone's container handling, marine handling, and load handling divisions were combined to form the new company; Cargotec would later acquire a handful of other similar companies. Collectively the company's experience in load handling goes back decades.

Cargotec has manufacturing facilities in 18 countries as well as sales operations in 120 countries. The company provides employment to some 10,000 workers across all of its operations. The Helsinki, Finland company posted revenues of £2.57 billion in 2010.

Most of Cargtec's business is directly related to materials and cargo handling. In terms of mobile cranes their products are built for other companies who provide the truck chassis and hydraulics. Those companies mount the Cargotec trains on the backs of their trucks primarily for light construction and materials handling.

Cargotec isn't involved in heavy-duty cranes like the lattice boom crawlers used for power plant production. But that doesn't mean everything they manufacture is small. Quite to the contrary, Cargotec makes extremely large overhead cranes used at major ports. Those cranes make light work of unloading ships and reloading them for departure.

Cargotec Crane Categories

Cargotec designs and manufactures more than just cranes. They're also in the business of load handling by way of specialized transport systems, yard lifting equipment, and the like. As far as their cranes go, they manufacture equipment in the following categories:

  • Truck-Mounted Cranes - Cargotec's truck-mounted cranes are on the small side when compared to some of the beasts made by companies like Manitowoc and Liebherr. Their truck-mounted cranes are primarily used for materials handling it light construction. Trucks will pull up to the job site while the operator unloads the cargo using the crane on the back of the truck.
  • Yard Cranes - Yard cranes are the ideal solution for rail yards, harbours, and trucking depots where large amounts of cargo must be loaded and unloaded quickly. The yard cranes can be mounted on small trucks, tractors, or specially designed transportation units. A variety of heads can be fitted to the end depending on the type of work being done.

Overhead Cranes - Overhead cranes are the mainstay of the world's maritime shipping centres. These stationary cranes are capable of unloading the largest cargo ships in a matter of days. They are stationary cranes built right at the edge of the water allowing ships to dock underneath.

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