Altec Crane Manufacturer & Leaser

photo showing Altec Crane Manufacturer

Altec is an American company located in the state of Alabama. For the last 80 years they have been an industry leader providing equipment and services for utility companies around the world. If you've ever seen utility work being done in your neighbourhood, you've probably seeing an Altec machine.

In the United States the company has 13 operations centres including their Birmingham headquarters. Worldwide they have sales operations scattered across Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and North and South America. They are truly a company with a global reach.

Altec is most known for their bucket trucks utility enabling workers to work on overhead power lines or trim trees. In fact, the familiar Altec logo can be seen regularly in major American and European cities. Where ever utility work is needed you'll also find the company's digging rigs, pressure diggers, digging derricks, rod drivers, cable handler trucks, and telescopic cranes.

Altec Crane Categories

Because Altec is so diversified in terms of the types of vehicles they make, they limit their telescopic cranes to just 12 models. Yet the truck bodies they build these cranes on are the same truck bodies they use for some other lines of equipment. In other words, the only difference between a telescopic boom crane and a drilling derrick may only be the tool mounted on the end of the boom.

The other unique aspect about Altec is the fact that they lease their cranes directly to customers rather than selling them to third-party leasing agents. Dealing directly with the company's leasing subsidiary ensures you're getting a quality Altec Crane the manufacturer stands behind. Altec even sells their own used equipment; the inventory consisting of those pieces returned at the end of a lease.

Popular Altec Cranes

One of the smaller Altec cranes is the AC18-70B truck crane. It is an 18-ton machine with a three-section telescoping boom and a height of 70 feet. With the addition of a two-section sheave a 40-foot jib operators can reach a height of 120 feet. The Crane is operated from the ground using Altec's latest electronic control technology.

If you need something a little heavier, the AC26-103S might be what you're looking for. This crane has a dedicated operator's cab complete with climate control. It features a four-section telescoping boom with a total lift height of 157 feet including the sheave and jib. Its 26-ton lift capacity is pretty hefty for a utility industry truck crane.

Scaling up yet again brings us to the AC38-127S, one of the biggest cranes in the Altec fleet. This is a very large crane buy utility industry standards, featuring a four-axle carrier that includes a pusher axle. At 192 feet, the five-section telescoping boom and jib give plenty of reach for those extra-high lifting jobs. At 38 tons, its lifting capacity is more than sufficient for its size.

Recent News Featuring Altec Cranes

This past spring Altec opened a brand-new manufacturing facility in California's Sacramento Valley. The 42,000 ft.² factory is on the path to become the company's number one assembly space in the country. More importantly, it's their first facility to be built with a completely green mindset. How fitting that the company's new green fleet of vehicles will be rolling out of this new facility.

On the other side of the country, residents of New York and New Jersey are still trying to clean up the mess left by the devastating storm of early November. Utility crews from all up and down America's East Coast and parts of Canada have descended on the affected areas to help restore power. It may be that the biggest concentration of Altec vehicles in a single place can be found right now in New York and New Jersey. Those crews will remain in the area until all power has been restored. Altec will be there with them.

If you look at the corporate vision and principles on the Altec website you'll notice they stand for "good, old-fashioned American values" like hard work, integrity, strong communities, and strong families. Altec is one of those companies that don’t just print those things on a website; they promote them within their corporate culture. They are a company well worth getting to know.

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